Linde Air Seperation

Bhoruka : NABL Certification

Oxygen, nitrogen and argon are recovered from air using a cryogenic method developed by Linde Germany. Particulates are removed from the incoming air, which is then repeatedly compressed and cooled. Water, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide are then removed. With further processing, the air eventually becomes a liquid and the individual gases are separated by distillation

Bhuruka produce superior products in air separation (ASU) unit in Bangalore city India. We can deliver these in large, or bulk, quantities. Not only do we supply you with these gases, our cryogenic expert helps you to install system, drawing the product either as a cryogenic liquid or as a gas. Our effective solutions that allow your applications to run smoothly, safely and profitably.

Outstanding Features Of 120 TPD Linde ASU
  1. Trustworthy Linde AG engineered process equipments like Structured Packed Distillation Columns, Multi Layer Cross Flow MHE etc.
  2. Robust Atlas Copco AG engineered Turbo Compressors, Turbine etc.
  3. Siemens AG engineered PLCs.
  4. Robust ABB engineered HT motors, SF6 Breakers etc.
  5. Prudent and proven Digital Control System from Yokogawa, Japan to navigate and manage process machineries and distillation towers
    • Columns Distributed control system.
  6. High Standard product analyzers integrated with DCS Centum-1000 to take care of intermittent feed and reflux adjustment to avoid human error and to produce highest purity ranges of Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Argon.
  7. Super Insulated Cryogenic Road Tankers manufactured by MVE and Chart Industries.