UHP Hydrogen Plant

Bhoruka : NABL Certification
Hydrogen is abundant in nature, but only as an element that forms part of other compounds. This is why, in order to use it as an energy carrier, energy has to be applied first to extract hydrogen from these source.

Hydrogen gas (plus oxygen gas as byproduct) is produced by splitting the water molecules by electrochemical means through. The application of direct current into electrolysis cell. Numbers of cells are connected in series with modular type for requisite Production capacity. Many safety features are incorporated in the designing of cell to avoid mixing of hydrogen and oxygen within the cell.

Hydrogen plant at Harohalli

Bhuruka Gases Ltd has commissioned a state of art Hydrogen generation unit from Teledyne USA, at our facility in Harohalli.

The capacity of the plant is: 56 nm3 per hour. This facility can produce and has analysis facility to certify very high purity of 99.9995% Hydrogen . The fully fledged facility is well equipped with current technology and follows stringent safety rules.

Plant Details
 Plant Production Capacity 50m3/hr
 Method/ Type of Production Low Pressure Electrolysis-route
 Principle of Electrolysis Mutual transformation of electrical energy & chemical  energy.
Prominent Highlights/ Facilities of Hydrogen Plant at BGL
  1. Our facility has well established high pure hydrogen manufacturing unit with reliable process instrumentation for monitoring and control for the assurance of high quality final product.
  2. In contrast to other type of manufacturing units (chloro-alkali units and petrochemical means) for hydrogen gas production ,Our plant produces hydrogen which is highly suitable for converting cooking/ edible oil into fat-vanasphati ghee. It is important here to keep the catalyst free from contamination.
  3. Superior grade hydrogen for powder metallurgy industry. Here contamination due to impurity in hydrogen can lead to major disruption in the powder metallurgy process.
  4. Our quality of gas is well approved/ admired by premium customers like- GE-BEL, Kennametal, Taegu Tec and others.
  5. We have well maintained hydrogen filling station to ensure customer satisfaction- right from empty cylinder preparation until final product is filled in the cylinder.
  6. We have thyristor controlled AC to DC rectifier to ensure consistent DC output current.
Distribution & Logistics
Cost-effective hydrogen is just one side of the coin. The other side is the transport of the hydrogen from the production plant to the consumer.

We have very good logistic system cater the hydrogen gas in cylinders, pallets and trolleys’ (bunch of cylinder 16- 48 cylinders)