NIST Traceble Standards

Bhoruka : NABL Certification
Bhuruka Gases offers several grades of calibration gas standards – Custom Mixtures, Certified Standards, and Primary reference Standards to meet the level of accuracy for your laboratory or production process. All Specialty Gases are custom-mixed and analyzed, and then properly labeled in our independently audited laboratory facilities.

Our production facility conforms to a strict set of quality-assurance measures and standard operating procedures. Our lab has been thoroughly inspected, certified and documented to be compliant with ISO/ IEC 17025 requirements.

We procure the Primary reference materials directly from NIST having an accuracy of 0.2 %.

The Key to Good Quality Control
Instrument calibration is the most important step in most analytical processes and the quality of data is often directly related to the quality of the calibration standards. Calibration of instrument is done by NABL accredited lab.
  1. Directly NIST traceable
  2. Certificates of Analysis include actual analytical data
  3. Certified to be within 1% of True Value via two – three analysis