Cryogenic Liquid Distribution Methods

Bhoruka : NABL Certification

Liquefied gases are transported in tank trucks with trailers and stored in cryogenic vessels. These tanks are available in various sizes, ranging from 3000 to 24,000 ltrs, to suit the customer’s requirement. The tanks have an inner vessel or “liquid container” which is surrounded and supported by an outer vessel or “vacuum jacket”. The space between the two is filled with a natural material that provides insulation and inertness.

The delivery system includes piping which carries gas from the inner vessel through the vacuum jacket to the outside, controlled by gauges and valves mounted outside of the tank. Other relevant accessories such as evaporators and remote tank-level monitoring are also available as required. An uninterrupted supply of either liquid or gas is thus assured at all times.

We install 1 KL cryogenic tanks in customer premises for bulk users on a contract basis, The 1 KL tanks are refilled by our fleet of liquid tankers as, and when required by the customer. This will give uninterrupted gas supply and is highly beneficial to the customer.

Dura -Cyl Low Pressure Liquid Cylinders

Dura-cyl low pressure liquid cylinders provide the longest holding time, lowest evaporation rate, highest gas-withdrawal rate and best life-cycle cost. Each 200 lts Dura can replace 20 compressed gas cylinders, and is a very good replacement for bulk cylinder users.

Product Highlights
  1. Ideal for liquid nitrogen, oxygen and Argon.
  2. Stainless-steel vessel.
  3. Thicker, dent-resistant outer shell.
  4. Durable, inner-vessel support system.
  5. Heavy duty foot ring and large diameter handling ring with four supports.