Calibration Gas & Liquid Mixtures

Bhoruka : NABL Certification
We handle over 80 different types of gases and liquid chemicals to produce varieties of Gas / Liquid mixtures to serve the ever increasing need of Industries and Institutions.

The gas mixtures are made to any concentration within the permissible limits of Physics and Chemistry. Which are non-explosive, non-reactive, stable mixture of gases in wide range of packaging.

Gravimetric filling uses ultra-high precision balances, calibrated & traceable NPL body periodically to weigh each component into the cylinder. This ensures that the expected tolerance requirements are always fulfilled.
To achieve minimum Blend tolerance and to minimize uncertainty we use
  1. High purity raw materials through Linde A.G. Technology Plantcal3
  2. Properly prepared cylinders with good internal surface
  3. Sophisticated Equipments to handle ppb level mixtures
  4. Right blending methods
  5. Accurate Instruments and Accurate Standards

Our calibration mixtures are prepared and certified to meet the most stringent metrological standards. Precise manufacturing of calibration gas mixtures involves many critical steps-
Raw material purity

  1. Impurity characterization
  2. Calculation of phase behavior for the calibration gas mixture
  3. Cylinder Preparation
  4. Precise blending
  5. Independent confirming analysis of the final calibration gas mixture
  6. Traceability
Raw Material Analysis
Raw Materials are pre- analysed to ensure that the final outcome of the gas mixture meets your specification for purity, accuracy and stability. Balance gases for mixtures are 99.999% (N5.0) or higher where appropriate.
Cylinder Preparation
Cylinder selection will take into consideration the chemical and physical properties of the gas mixture. For reactive mixtures we will use specially prepared cylinders and fitted with stainless steel valves in order to guarantee the stability of your gas mixture. To further minimise any chance for cross-contamination, cylinders are only recycled for use with gas mixtures within the same group classification.
Production & Analysis
Mixture purity and composition is verified by analysis and certification following a thorough homogenisation process. To ensure that more complex and reactive mixtures have been reliably achieved, these mixtures will be analysed several times over a period of days/weeks, as appropriate, in order to guarantee their final stability and quality.
Our analytical operations are traceable through a calibration standard produced to either a recognized international standard such as NIST or NPL or a gravimetrically manufactured Primary Reference Standard traceable to NPL standard masses.